Launch of Swiss IGF 2016

The first regular Swiss IGF in 2015 was a full success. Its Program 2015 was much appreciated and based on a Call for Issues in early 2015. From all the inputs received we designed a first program outline with three plenary sessions and two workshops. This bottom-up process – including the community – stood the test and needs to be further developed for our next Swiss IGF in 2016.

Like the European Forum (Website EuroDIG), we would like to invite all participants from 2015 and newly interested people to submit topics they are keen to discuss at our next event. All proposals will be compiled until end of January and serve as a basis for the next program design. The deadline for this call closes on 15 February 2016 (midnight). Your ideas and concerns regarding Internet Governance and policy shaping in Switzerland are welcome!

According to our Milestones for 2016, the compilation of proposals will be published here in February. Simultaneously, the Steering Committee of the Swiss IGF will discuss and design a first program outline for our next event in Bern (presumably middle of May 2016).

Milestones 2016

At its last meeting the Steering Committee has approved the following Milestones for 2016:

  • Call for Issues, December 15 until mid of February 2016
  • Compilation of Proposals, first program outline at planning meeting early February
  • Invitation and distribution of program for Swiss IGF 2016 / mobilization for the event, program round-up etc. (input persons, moderators etc.) by end of February
  • Continued mobilization (particularly Universities, Parliament, Business)
  • Registration from early April
  • Swiss IGF 2016 event in May in Bern with Messages (analog 2015)

For any further questions and infos please feel free to contact the Coordinator send Mail to Wolf Ludig from Swiss igf.